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Freedom of Information Requests

Requests for public information under the Texas Public Information Act should be directed to:

Patricia Bledsoe
Director, Open Records
Texas A&M University
Suite 1201 General Services Complex
1255 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-1255
Office: 979.845.6590
Fax: 979.845.6894

More information on the Texas Public Information Act.

The Health Science Center is an institution of The Texas A&M University System. As such, it is bound by all of the Policies and Regulations of the A&M System. Regulation 61.01.02, revised in March 2000, states all procedures and applications of the Texas Open Records Act for all institutions of the A&M System. As this Regulation is comprehensive and instructive in nature regarding the Act, it is unnecessary at this time to duplicate this Regulation in the form of a Rule for the Health Science Center. A link to the A&M System Policies and Regulations website is provided on the Health Science Center's homepage, and this site has a user-friendly search function for key words.

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