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State Employee Charitable Campaign


HSC Goal - 100% Employee Participation
Whether you give $2 or $1000, we hope you will participate!


What is the SECC?
Who Receives the Contributions?
How Do I Give to HSC-Affiliated Organizations?
What is a Leadership Giver?
How Do I Give?
Who is My Point of Contact?

What is the SECC?

The State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) was created through legislation in 1993 to raise funds for charitable organizations throughout the state, the nation, and the world.  In 2016, Texas state employees contributed $8.155 million.  The campaign runs annually from September 1 through October 31.

Who Receives the Contributions?

You can choose from nearly 400 participating statewide, national, or international charities or a charity in your local area.  The organizations are listed online in SSO when you make your contribution (see How Do I Give? below) or you can search the SECC charity database here (examples of search terms include 'International,' 'Brazos Valley,' 'DFW,' 'Cancer,' or 'Children').  All participating organizations must meet strict eligibility standards established by state law, and they are screened by the SECC State Policy Committee.  You can feel confident that your gift is being used efficiently and effectively by your designated charity or charities.

How Do I Give to HSC-Affiliated Organizations?

All employees are encouraged to give to the charitable organizations of their choice.  However, you may wish to know that two eligible charities in Brazos Valley are affiliated with the Health Science Center:

Health For All
The Prenatal Clinic

These clinics anticipate an increase in patients as Hurricane Harvey victims relocate.  You can select these organizations when you contribute (see How Do I Give? below).

What is a Leadership Giver?

A leadership giver is someone who donates $1,000 or more. If you choose to be acknowledged, your name will be listed in the Campaign Directory next year under your level of giving:  Lone Star ($10,000+), Alamo ($5,000-$9,999), Bluebonnet ($2,500-$4,999), or Yellow Rose ($1,000-$2,499).

How Do I Give?

You can make a contribution two ways:

  1. Make an outright tax-deductible contribution
    1. Donate online by 5PM September 15 to enter into a drawing for tickets to the Texas A&M vs. Auburn football game on November 4 (2-4 tickets with parking).
    2. The 12th Man Foundation will provide 2 complimentary basketball tickets to select games for anyone who contributes at least $2 online.
    3. Go to (login and select ‘SECC Enrollment’ from the SSO Menu)
    4. Select 'Payroll Deduction' or 'One-Time Gift by Check or Cash.'
      1. Payroll Deduction
        1. Select Payroll Deduction and indicate one-time, 9 Month, or 12 Month deduction
        2. Select your charity or charities and designate amount of gift
        3. Complete and submit the form
        4. Start dates for deductions
          1. Monthly Employees:  December 2017 (January Paycheck)
          2. Bi-weekly Employees:  January 2018 (January Paycheck)
        5. Deductions can be stopped upon request by contacting your payroll office
      2. One-time gift by check or cash
        1. Select One-Time Gift by check or cash
        2. Select your charity or charities and designate amount of gift
        3. Complete and submit the form
          1. Print out post-submission page and send it to your unit coordinator (see Who is My Point of Contact? below) with check or cash
          2. Checks should be made out to SECC
  1. Contribute to a component/unit fundraiser
    1. Each component/unit will hold fundraisers from September 1 to October 30 (e.g. Breakfast Taco Tuesday, Blue Jeans Monday, Raffle Ticket Sales for Gift Basket etc.)
    2. The purpose of these fundraisers is to foster the SECC/TAMU spirit of giving and encourage ongoing donations during the campaign.
    3. Tickets to sporting events are not available to those contributing solely through fundraising events.  Employees must make an outright donation online as indicated above.

Who is My Point of Contact?

If you have questions, please contact your component/unit coordinator:

Component/Unit Contact Name Contact Email
Medicine Danielle Dickey
Medicine - Administrative Units Jillian Franke
Medicine - CBHEC Maria Garcia
Medicine - Medical Physiology Department Stephanie Hilliard
Medicine - Microbial Pathogenesis & Immunology Department Leeann Nichols
Medicine - Rural & Community Health Institute Joan Ison
Nursing Laura Jakubik
Pharmacy Eva Bennett
Public Health Debbie McClendon
HSC Campus Operations Laura Templeton
HSC CIADM Leanna Vannoy
HSC CLRC Sandy Campos
HSC Finance & Administration Willie Hobbs
HSC Government & Public Affairs Tammie Ramirez
HSC IT Angelynn Dunn Crystal King
HSC SECC Area Coordinator: Chris Kaunas
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