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Parking FAQ


  • How much does a permit cost?
  • What payment methods are available for purchasing a permit?
    Permits may be bought with:
    1. A credit card (online or in person at the Parking Office).
    2. Payroll deduction if a full-time employee.
    3. Student fee deduction if a REGISTERED student.
    4. Cash at the Parking Office.
    5. A complete check with full identification.

    Note: a “complete check” means a check with full identification (name printed on the check from a bank). Temporary checks and e-checks are NOT accepted.
  • How do I obtain an HSC Overlay Hangtag for my TAMU permit?
    The HSC Overlay Hangtag is no longer required. All valid TAMU parking permits are valid on the HSC Bryan campus.
  • I bought my permit online. When will it arrive?
    If you fail to receive the permit within 14 days of purchase, please contact our office to file for a lost permit. A replacement permit will be provided. You will sign a sworn affidavit stating that you will turn in the permit if it does eventually arrive. Should it arrive and you give to someone to use, the vehicle displaying the permit will be cited and towed and both will face disciplinary action up to and including being barred from campus.
  • How do I purchase a 24 hr Reserved Numbered Space (RNS)?
    24 hr Reserved Numbered Spaces are available to all HSC employees. RNS are assigned using a waitlist and you must add yourself to the appropriate waitlist for consideration.
  • Can I use my TAMU permit on the TAMHSC campus?
    Any valid TAMU permit will be valid on the HSC Bryan campus.
  • Can I use my TAMHSC permit on the TAMU campus?
    Your Texas A&M Health Science Center permit is valid in TAMU lots designated as "Any Valid Permit" lots, such as 43, 49, 71, 90, 100, 110, 113, 117, and 120.
    Use the TAMU Any Valid Permit map as a reference. The HSC permit is also valid with a TAMU business overlay in Business Lots.
  • Can I use a TAMU Night permit on the HSC Bryan campus?
    You may use a TAMU Night permit but it will only be valid between 5pm and 6am. Outside of those times it will be considered an invalid permit.
  • Do I need a permit to ride my motorcycle to campus?
    All vehicles parked on the campus need to display a permit. Motorcycle permits are available for purchase at the TAMU Transportation Services website.
  • Can I share a permit with a classmate?
    You can share a permit with several people but only one person can be the responsible person regarding ownership and any citations received.
  • Can I use temporary permits to park for the semester?
    Our permits are set up on a 12 month, prorated system. You will pay the prorated amount through the end of the permit year upon purchase. At the end of the semester, you will be refunded the prorated difference upon returning the permit. This is the most economical purchase option at $20/month.
  • Why do I have to pay for the whole year if I will only be attending class for one semester?
    Our permits are set up on a 12 month, prorated system. You will pay the prorated amount through the end of the permit year upon purchase. At the end of the semester, you will be refunded the prorated difference upon returning the permit.
  • If I only attend for one semester, can I give my permit to my friend since it is already paid for?
    Permits are not transferrable between individuals, either by selling or giving to them without cost. The original purchaser will be accountable for any citations.
  • I trade vehicles with my spouse periodically. Can I leave my permit is one vehicle and my receipt in the other since I did buy a permit?
    The permit purchase receipt is only valid for a period of 14 days. During this time you should receive your permit in the mail. Once the permit arrives, the receipt is not a valid substitute for the permit, and your vehicle displaying only the receipt can be towed.
  • Can I use my annual/semester hangtag on multiple vehicles?
    Yes, although all vehicles using the tag should be added to the permit owner’s record online.
  • If I get a new vehicle can I associate it with my annual/semester permit?
    Yes, you can enter the new vehicle to your customer record. For historical purposes, you cannot remove vehicles from your record yourself; the parking office can do so if they verify that you have no outstanding tickets and a verification of transfer of ownership.
    If vehicle is still owned by the family, it can still be driven by the student.
  • Can I use a printable permit (daily/weekly/monthly) on multiple vehicles?
    No, the printable permits are associated with specific vehicles entered at the time of purchase. If a printable permit is used on a vehicle not associated with the permit, a citation will be issued.
  • Can I use a TAMU Business Permit on the HSC campus?
    Any valid TAMU permit will be valid on the HSC Bryan campus so there is no need to display a Business permit. If you are visiting the campus for a temporary meeting you can park in the visitor spots; however, if you are coming for extended periods of time you must buy a daily/weekly/monthly permit or an HSC permit.


  • Under what conditions (why) will my car be towed?
    Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense due to one of the following conditions:
    • Parking in a 24 HR Reserved Numbered Space (at space owner's request)
    • Outstanding citation total of two or more
    • Outstanding balance of $100 or more
    • Outstanding citation over 90 days old
    • Obstructing a roadway or interfering with the movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic
    • Blocking a sidewalk, ramp, loading dock, entrance, exit, fire lane or aisle
  • I received a citation and can only afford to pay half of it. Can I do that?
    You may make partial payment on your citation but it will remain active until paid in full.
  • My car was towed from campus. Do I have to pay my citations before I can get my car?
    You must pay your citations before picking up your car. See the question about "Why would my car be towed?" to see the conditions under which a vehicle will be towed.
  • I have 4 citations for not displaying a permit. I just bought my permit and have my receipt on my dashboard. Can I be towed?
    Purchasing your permit brings you into compliance so you will not be cited for "No Permit" as long as the receipt and eventually the permit are properly displayed. You are still liable to be towed as you have more than 2 outstanding citations.
  • I have several citations and to avoid receiving more, I quit parking on campus and take the bus. Am I still liable for the citation?
    The citations will remain valid until paid. Failing to satisfy this debt will result in a hold being placed on your grades and transcripts and this will also prevent you from registering for future classes. These outstanding citations will also accumulate late fees if not paid.

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