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Letter from Senior Vice President

Paul OgdenHowdy,

As one of the nation’s leading Health Science Centers, we’re blessed to have employees who are dedicated to serving others and ensuring the best health and medical care to our populations. This site is uniquely created to foster that dedication within the lives of our employees.

We are a land grant institution created to serve, but often we forget to take the time to take care of ourselves and foster our own wellness. We have some of the most brilliant minds and generous hearts in medicine, nursing, public health, dentistry and pharmacy at our fingertips – and here we bring them together, along with some of the most impactful and educational tools to help you live a life full of “Wellness with a Purpose.”

By equipping ourselves with the education and resources necessary to live a healthy life, we can all be our own best advocates for ourselves and our families. My hope is that our institution can be the impetus for this change in all our employees’ lives and provide a culture of wellness excellence that influence the lives of those around you.


Paul E. Ogden, M.D.
Interim Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Interim Dean, College of Medicine

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