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Wellness Exam Resources

We've compiled information regarding scheduling and attending your appointment, as well as information for your medical provider.

Scheduling your appointment

• Don’t wait. Schedule your appointment with a network provider early so you don’t risk missing the June 30 deadline.

• Ensure your selected provider is a network provider under the BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) Blue Choice PPO Network. Use the provider finder on the BlueCross BlueShield website

• Inform the doctor’s office appointment staff that you are scheduling your annual wellness checkup.

Attending your appointment

• Check in at the doctor’s office and confirm your appointment as your annual wellness checkup.

• It also may be helpful to provide the information below to the doctor’s office to explain the Texas A&M System Wellness Exam Incentive. View printable version.

Information for Medical Providers

The Texas A&M University System is taking steps to encourage employees to live healthier lives by actively engaging with a health care provider through utilizing preventive services available under the A&M Care Health Plan. To promote this healthy behavior, enrolled members will be required to receive a wellness exam/annual physical during the designated time period to receive the lower wellness premium rate on their insurance.

The lower base premium rate will apply for employees and spouses who receive a complete annual physical or a well woman visit as evidenced by a diagnosis code of V70 or a similar code appearing as one of the codes on the submitted BlueCross BlueShield claim. In order to facilitate the completion of the wellness exam incentive requirement, we request that a V70 or a similar diagnosis code be listed as the primary code when submitting the insurance claim to BlueCross BlueShield for payment.

While physicals and wellness exams often include such things as a blood pressure check, cholesterol test, glucose test, and/or a body mass index check, no specific tests are required. The Texas A&M System feels your judgment as a physician should determine which tests to administer based on the patient’s age, gender, medical history and physical condition.

Questions pertaining to the Wellness Exam Incentive claim coding or submission should be directed to BlueCross BlueShield directly at 1.866.295.1212. We appreciate your help and cooperation.

On Campus Wellness Exam

Catapult provides free, quick and confidential health checkups in the Bryan-College Station area.

These checkups are available for any Texas A&M University System employee who is covered by The Texas A&M System A&M Care plan. At this time, we are not offering this service to dependents or to employees in the J Plan or Grad Plan.

To sign up visit the Catapult Health website.



  • The health checkup is absolutely free with no deductible or co-pay.
  • This qualifies as your annual wellness exam for the purposes of The Texas A&M System Wellness Incentive Program
  • No one at The Texas A&M University System will have access to any of your personal health information. Your checkup will be done by Catapult Health, an independent health care provider, and is designed to identify potential health issues before they become truly serious. Your individual results are strictly confidential.
  • Your checkup is quick and easy, about 45 minutes. That’s less time than you’d probably spend in a doctor’s waiting room. It’s also on-site, at our workplace, so you won’t have to take any time off.
  • The blood test only involves a quick finger stick, and you’ll meet privately with a licensed nurse practitioner who will answer your questions and help you create an action plan for improving your health.

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