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Wellness with a Purpose

The Texas A&M Health Science Center’s online wellness education center

Our wellness initiative brings together resources with the goal of helping our institutional communities and their families along the path to a vibrant, healthy and balanced lifestyle. read more »

Message from Senior Vice President

Dr. Paul OgdenHowdy,

As one of the nation’s leading Health Science Centers, we’re blessed to have employees who are dedicated to serving others and ensuring the best health and medical care and treatment to our populations. This site is uniquely created to foster that dedication within the lives of our employees.
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Please take a few minutes right now to make an appointment. We all recognize the importance of staying healthy so that we can provide for our families, watch our children grow, and enjoy a long and fulfilling retirement. This preventive checkup is designed to identify and lower potential health risks that could prevent those dreams from becoming a reality.

If you have questions about what to expect in your health checkup, you can find patient videos highlighting real experiences about Catapult Health’s Preventive Checkups. You may also visit Patient FAQs.

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