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About the Teaching Learning Resource Center

The Office of Academic Affairs started a pilot program known as the Teaching Learning Resource Center (TLRC) in the summer of 2010 to facilitate faculty development, CARE, student learning and staff collaboration. The TLRC provides central room scheduling for classes, seminars and meetings at Health Science Center campuses located across Texas.

How TLRC works

Scheduling requests may be submitted to the TLRC via scheduling forms on the TLRC scheduling page. Requests are then processed by TLRC schedulers, and published to the HSC Outlook calendars. Schedule requests with AV components (such as video connections or recordings) are forwarded to the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Audio-visual technical staff from the Office of Information Technology offer support by providing technical expertise and classroom support. Their services are sought when technical issues arise with the equipment.

How TLRC will expand

Future plans to expand the TLRC include providing faculty instructors access to instructional design, student assessment methodology and basic pedagogical techniques. Additional plans call for technology applications in the classroom, learning and library resources, and inter-professional education consultation.

Fulfilling a mission

The services that TLRC provides support faculty development, improve student-learning outcomes and improve staff collaboration add value to the entire Health Science Center.