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Student Governing Board


The purpose of the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) Student Governing Board (SGB) is, first and foremost, to work for the betterment of TAMHSC by serving the Executive Office in an advisory capacity on issues pertinent to its students. The SGB shall act as the official voice of the students of TAMHSC to its CEO and central administration. Furthermore, the delegates of the SGB shall work to educate and stimulate student involvement in student affairs across component boundaries, assist in communicating TAMHSC-wide issues to all students, consider matters of policy and their implications on professional and graduate education, and assist in the advancement of sound public policy as it relates to TAMHSC as deemed appropriate.



MinGin Kim, President


Kevin Tran, Vice President

Chancellors Student Advisory Council (CSAC)




Madison Johnson, Secretary


Evan Hansen

Chair of Research and Assessment

Christine Newby

Clarisa Medina

Chair of Planning and Logistics

Chancellor's Student Advisory Council (CSAC)


Cyrus Koochekzadeh

Immediate Past President

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