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Mission Statement

The Department of Security and Campus Safety is a 24 hour, 365-day service oriented department with the mission of providing a safe and secure environment for all the Health Science Center community. Through partnerships, we are dedicated to providing an environment that reduces crime, builds trust and enhances the quality of life in our academic community. We are also committed to delivering a high standard of customer service to our community in an effective, responsive and professional way.


The security department's values reflect those of the Texas A&M and the Health Science Center community. We dedicate ourselves to upholding the highest standards of ethical performance to garner the trust of the community we serve.


The vision of the Texas A&M Health Science Center security department is to enhance and preserve the quality of the learning experience of each member of our university by actively working together to provide a safe and secure environment. We recognize that effective campus security is achieved by establishing a professional and trusting relationship with those that we serve. We will continuously look for ways to improve our performance. We will document, review and plan our services based upon the needs of our expanding institution.


  • Provide safe and secure campuses by conducting frequent patrols on foot, via golf cart or vehicle and by other available means.
  • Deliver quality and efficient service and timely response to calls for assistance.
  • Interact with students, staff, faculty, administrators and campus visitors in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Maintain professional development and training of safety and security personnel to enhance or increase skill levels.
  • Develop partnerships with other university departments or community entities that will provide enhanced services to the campus community.
  • Be proactive in patrolling and monitoring techniques to prevent or minimize crime.
  • Support the academic pursuits of a culturally diverse community.
  • Maintain and upgrade communications, alarm and security camera systems for effective security services.