Administration of Grants

The Office of Research is responsible for coordination of administration of all research grants and contracts, including; approval of submission; approval of budget; approval of indirect cost rate; assurance of research compliance; material transfer agreements; allocation and distribution of indirect costs; and compliance with reporting requirements of funding agencies. Contact us.

Sponsored Research Services

Sponsored Research Services (SRS) is a consortium of Texas A&M System members that brings together talents, expertise, and best practices to enhance research administration.  The office provides contracts and grants research administration services to those Texas A&M System members based in Brazos County that have sponsored research activity. Find out more about SRS.


This application represents a personalized view into information relevant to principal investigators' research programs.  The portal provides timely and accurate information needed for managing research activities by viewing research account balances and spending history.  The information displayed is generated from FAMIS and EPIK database and includes transactions processed by Texas A&M University, Texas A&M Health Science Center, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas Transportation Institute, Texas AgriLife, and Texas A&M Research Foundation.

Hanover Assistance through DOR and HSC

Texas A&M University and the Health Science Center have secured assistance for researchers. We plan to target the following types of submissions:

  • Development of large-scale proposals to federal agencies. Large-scale proposals normally have teams of faculty, often are inter-disciplinary, and frequently have partners outside of Texas A&M.
  • Reviews of grant resubmissions-grants that scored well but were short of the funding cut off. Examples of resubmissions needs may be assistance addressing study section comments or for minor input or “polishing” of text.

The consultant group can support a research team from start to finish, or be inserted anywhere in the proposal development process – whether the PI is just beginning, they already have a first draft, or they would like another pair of eyes on a final draft. Alternatively, the consultant can start with a proposal that needs to be resubmitted and form a strategy from reviewing documents and discussing with the PI and/or research team.

Assistance from Consultants will take the form of

  • Initial scoping call to determine need for assistance and match PI to appropriate expertise
  • Decision by the faculty on whether or not to use the consultants once discussion has occurred
  • Consultation call with Grants Consultant to discuss strategy to develop proposal for NIH or other agency mechanisms
  • Creation of a time-line for development of proposals and reviews or assistance by Consultants
  • Comments on improving the narrative text provided by Consultants and feedback given to PI contact
  • Re-reading and additional comments, edits, or revisions as needed per plan developed by PI and consultants
  • Regular consultation calls to clarify direction or alignment as needed

Process for Securing Assistance from Consultants

The process for requesting assistance is being modified. To request information, please contact Jorja Kimball at