Human Subject Research

Any researchers working with human subjects at the HSC must adhere to the regulations set by the Department of Health and Human Services.  In order to ensure the safety and well being of all human subjects, researchers must first obtain permission from the HSC Institutional Review Board, which will subsequently monitor all activities conducted in that lab. 

For additional information regarding work with human subjects, please see human subject information provided by Texas A&M University.

Institutional Review Boards (IRB)

Texas A&M University has two Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) for the protection of human subjects or participation in laboratory learning experiences at or connected with the HSC.

Approval Process

All individuals engaged in human subjects research that is sponsored by Texas A&M University; conducted by or under the direction of any faculty, staff, student, or agent of Texas A&M University in connection with his or her institutional responsibilities; conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of Texas A&M University using any property or facility of Texas A&M University; or involved in the use of Texas A&M University’s non-public information to identify or contact human research participants or prospective participants, must submit an application to the IRB prior to commencement of any research activities. Steps in the process include:

  1. Submit All Required Documentation
  2. Administrative Review
  3. Committee Review
  4. Communicate Outcome
  5. Conduct Research

FAQs regarding Human Subjects in Research

Training and Resources

For information about required training, see Texas A&M University Research Compliance and Biosafety-Training for Research with Human Subjects.

CITI Program Training
See additional Training and Resource materials regarding human subjects in research.