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  • As outlined in System Regulation 31.03.01 employees in vacation-accruing positions, including faculty on 12-month appointments, who work at least 50% time for 4 ½ months, earn vacation for each month they work for the state.
  • Vacation is provided to give time off for use as desired. 
  • A specific amount of leave is earned each month based on total service with the state of Texas.
  • Leave eligible employees begin earning vacation the day they start work.
  • Leave may not be used until six months of continuous state service has been reached. Prior state service may be used to meet this requirement.
  • Carry over balances to the next fiscal year are based on percent effort and state service. Refer to the regulation for information on maximum carry limits and monthly accrual.

For additional information on compensation and benefits, please refer to Section 31 of System Policies and Regulations and TAMHSC Guidelines, or contact

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