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Sick Leave

  • System Regulation 31.03.02 provides information for leave-eligible employees in relation to sick leave.
  • Employees begin accruing at a rate of eight hours of paid sick leave each month.
  • Employees who work at least halftime but less than full-time earn a proportional number of sick leave hours each month. 
  • Upon employment, eligible employees earn their first eight hours (proportional for part-time) of sick leave on their first day of work and may use that leave immediately for qualifying needs.
  • Employees earn additional sick leave on the first day they are actively at work each month.
  • Up to eight hours of sick leave may be used each fiscal year to attend parent-teacher conferences for the employee's children in prekindergarten through 12th grade.

More Leave Information including sick leave pool, sick leave direct donation, emergency leave and FMLA.

For additional information on compensation and benefits, please refer to Section 31 of System Policies and Regulations and TAMHSC Guidelines, or contact

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