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Employees must review this information on an annual basis.


Workplace Notices

HR Liaisons, MUST display these posters in high traffic locations within your department.

Posting required:

Posting optional, but recommended:

Not required:

  • Texas Pay Day Notice (state governmental entities are exempted from this law).
  • Job Safety and Health - It's the Law! (OSHA). A&M System Workers are not subject to the law.

Important Reminders to Employees

Some information merits a reminder on a regular basis even though not required by laws, regulations or rules to be disseminated annually to all employees.

If you have questions about the information listed here, please talk with your supervisor or contact Payroll and HR Services by emailing or contacting:

James E. Nachlinger
Title IX Coordinator
979-436-9207 or

  • Reporting Arrests, Charges or Convictions: In accordance with §5.2.1 of System Regulation 33.99.14, all system employees must report to their supervisor within 24 hours any criminal arrests, criminal charges, or criminal convictions, excluding misdemeanor traffic offenses punishable only by fine.  If circumstances prevent this, employees should notify their supervisor as soon as the situation allows and provide explanation for the delay.  In lieu of reporting to their supervisors,
    • Student employees may report directly to the college’s office of student affairs,
    • Staff employees may report directly to HR, and
    • Faculty employees may report directly to the VP for Academic Affairs.
  • Sexual Harassment Survivors Resources, Rights & Options: Texas A&M Health Science Center is committed to providing an environment of academic study and employment free from harassment or discrimination to all segments of its community including faculty, staff, students, guests and vendors.  Harassment and discrimination, including sexual harassment and discrimination, are illegal under federal and state statutes, including but not limited to Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972, and is prohibited by Texas A&M Health Science Center.  The Health Science Center will promptly address all complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, and related retaliation in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.  Texas A&M University has prepared this document to provide information about on-campus and community victim resources in Brazos County. TAMHSC’s Notice of Nondiscrimination and Abuse provides helpful phone numbers and contact information for all HSC locations.
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