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The ‘Term Appt’ column shows the titles that are deemed “Term Appointments” and are to be used in those cases when you have an employee who is less than 50% effort and meets the criteria for a term appointment. The basic rules for a term appointment are a position where the offer letter clearly states they are being paid a set amount over a set time to do a specific duty. An example would be the hiring of an part time Lecturer (title code 7628) to teach HSC 101 for the Spring 2017 semester to be paid $5,000 payable in equal monthly payments from January through May. Nowhere in the offer letter should a percent effort be used although when creating the EPA you will need to determine one. The purpose of this is to allow the full amount of the agreement to be paid without the reduction for holidays that occur on other less than 50% effort positions.

Last edited by: schnettler 09/28/2017