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International IPE

2017 Bolivia Trip

The Texas A&M Health Science Center had an interprofessional medical team travel to Bolivia, May 20 - 29, 2017. While there, it ran a medical and dental clinic for five days in the remote Andean mountain village of Quesimpuco and saw a total of 363 patients and dispensed 1,160 prescriptions. "It was a truly interprofessional experience from the jeep ride thru the mountains, to bunk assignments, to clinic duties," noted Dr. Bree Watzak, pharmacist and faculty member at the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, who led the team effort. The team was comprised of four pharmacy students, two nursing students, two nurse practitioner students, three faculty members from the College of Nursing, one medical student, two faculty members from the College of Medicine, four dental students and a dentist from College Station.


Dentist: Shanna Williams (alumni from Baylor College of Dentistry, practicing in College Station)
College of Dentistry students: Alyssa Dawson, Trenton Dawson, Eddy Lee, Heather Mingo

Physicians and College of Medicine faculty: Nancy Dickey, Anna Lichorad
College of Medicine student: Arya Kudalmana

Nurses and College of Nursing faculty: Regina Bentley, Deb Matthews, Whitney Landman
College of Nursing students: Hannah Himes, Grant Gold
College of Nursing nurse practitioner students: Nicole Anderson, Ana Heydari

Pharmacist and College of Pharmacy faculty: Bree Watzak
College of Pharmacy students: Andrew Ramirez, Olivia Collado, Tanner Dodd, Wenfei Wei
Translator for pharmacy: Ben Watzak (Texas A&M undergraduate)

Road Crew: Blake Bentley, Jim Jenkins, Frank Dickey
2017 Bolivia Trip Pictures

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