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IPER 3 Symposium

Dr. Carrie L. Byington, MD

Sept. 28, 2017 | 2-4:45 p.m.

Keynote Speaker: Carrie L. Byington, MD

8441 Riverside Parkway, HPEB LL30, Bryan

There was a poster session with awards totaling $1,200 presented for both faculty and student categories. The symposium was broadcasted live via TTVN to Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Kingsville, McAllen, Round Rock, and Temple locations.

Award winner categories were as follows:

Faculty awards:

Best IPER Poster Presentation – Titled "The Impact of Interprofessional Education on Family Medicine Residents' and Family Nurse Practitioners' Knowledge and Confidence in Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancer." Lead Author: Kara Jones-Schubart (College of Nursing). Co-authors were: Cindy Weston (College of Nursing), Marvellous Akinlotan (School of Public Health), Matha Hare (College of Nursing), Anna Lichorad (College of Medicine), David McClellan (College of Medicine), Janet Helduser (School of Public Health), Chinedum Ojinnaka (Post-doc Fellow, University of Missouri), Benny Holland (Clinical Learning Resource Center), and Jane Bolin (School of Public Health).

Most Innovative IPER Project/Research – Titled "IPE "Extreme" Race Simulation: Identifying Gaps in Patient Care." Lead Author: Martin Mufich (College of Nursing). Co-authors were: Tony Boucher (Health & Kinesiology), Lori Greenwood (Athletic Training), Kara Jones-Schubart (College of Nursing), and Cindy Weston (College of Nursing).

Best Interprofessional Activity – Titled "A Model of Efficient Interprofessional Collaboration in a Free Healthcare Clinic: The Health For All "Huddle"." Lead Author: Kevin Tarlow (School of Public Health). Co-authors were: Elizabeth Dickey (Health For All Clinic), Nancy Dickey (College of Medicine), Carly McCord (School of Public Health), Doris Poston (College of Medicine), and Bree Watzak (College of Pharmacy). 

Best All-Around IPER Poster – Titled "2017 IPE Medical Mission to Bolivia." Lead Author: Bree Watzak (College of Pharmacy). Co-authors were: Debra Matthews (College of Nursing) and Nancy Dickey (College of Medicine)

Student awards:

Best IPER Poster Presentation – Titled "Texas A&M Medical Mission Trip: Costa Rica." Lead Author: Diana Pena (College of Pharmacy). Co-authors were: Mona Ramon (College of Pharmacy) and Bree Watzak (College of Pharmacy).

Most Innovative IPER Project/Research – Titled "Organizing Student-Led Community Health Fairs Using Quality Improvement Models." Lead Author: Emily Molina (College of Medicine). Co-authors were: Lillian Niakan (College of Medicine), Manuela Ochoa (College of Medicine), Adam Berenson (College of Medicine), Vivian Esparza (College of Medicine), and Fahim Choudhury (College of Medicine).

Best Interprofessional Activity – Titled "SIFAT Medical Mission Trip to Quesimpuco, Bolivia." Lead Author: Wenfei Wei (College of Pharmacy). Co-authors were: Olivia Collado (College of Pharmacy), Andrew Ramirez (College of Pharmacy), and Bree Watzak (College of Pharmacy).

Best All-Around IPER Poster – Titled "A One Health Approach to Interprofessional Simulation Education." Lead Author: Michelle Yazdchi (College of Pharmacy). Co-authors were: Laura Hurst (College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences), Michelle Kurkowski (College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences), and Shyam Murali (College of Medicine).


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