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TeamSTEPPS National Conference


The Office of Interprofessional Education sent an interprofessional team to the TeamSTEPPS® National Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on June 14-16, 2017. The TeamSTEPPS® National Conference mission is to bring techniques, tools, and new thinking to assist health care professionals in successfully implementing TeamSTEPPS®. Innovation is a key element in mapping the future of TeamSTEPPS® and the changing health care environment.

The HSC interprofessional group was comprised of:

College of Medicine faculty members: Dr. John Hubbard, Instructional Associate Professor of Neuroscience & Experiemental Therapeutics; Dr. Mark Sicilio, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in Humanities in Medicine; and Dr. Karen Wakefield, Instructional Assistant Professor in Humanities in Medicine

College of Nursing faculty members: Dr. Jodie Gary, Assistant Professor and Dr. Stacey Mitchell, Clinical Associate Professor

College of Pharmacy faculty members: Dr. Merlyn Joseph, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Dr. Jeffrey Luke, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

School of Public Health faculty member: Dr. Gerard Carrino, Instructional Professor of Public Health Studies

Office of Interprofessional Education & Research: Dr. Kimberly Zemanek

This group will all become TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainers to help implement TeamSTEPPS® within the HSC.

*Note: Dr. Lavern Holyfield,  Associate Professor and Director of Faculty Development with the College of Dentistry, was unable to attend the conference in Cleveland.


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