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IPER Org Chart

The Office of Interprofessional Education & Research (IPER) is administratively housed in the Texas A&M University Health Science Center, Faculty Development & Interprofessional Education

Reporting Lines

  • Texas A&M University Health Science Center leadership: Carrie Byington, Emily Wilson
  • IPER director: Chris Kaunas. Kaunas reports to Texas A&M Health Science Center leadership
    • IPER program coordinator: Kim Zemanek. Zemanek coordinates with the IPER program administrators and unit evaluators listed below.
    • Nursing
      • IPER program lead: Debra Matthews
      • IPER program administrator: Alisha Brickley
      • IPER unit evaluator: Ann Utterback
      • IPER curriculum committee liaison: Suzanne Van
    • Medicine
      • IPER program leads: Jerry Livingston, Mark Sicilio
      • IPER program administrator: Demetria Yanez
      • IPER unit evaluator: Yuanyuan Zhou
      • IPER curriculum committee liaison: Vacant
    • Dentistry
      • IPER program leads: Lavern Holyfield, Lisa Mallonee, Kathleen Pace
      • IPER program administrator: Norma Calvert
      • IPER unit evaluator: Ann McCann
      • IPER curriculum committee liaison: Paul Dechow
    • Pharmacy
      • IPER program leads: Bree Watzak, Mark Bremick, Asim Abu-Baker
      • IPER program administrator: Rachel Garza
      • IPER unit evaluator: Simi Gunaseelan
      • IPER curriculum committee liaison: Mark Bremick
    • Public Health
      • IPER program lead: Gerard Carrino
      • IPER program lead: Jill Crouch
    • Support Units
      • CLRC liaison: Benny Holland

Lines of communication

  • The IPER director has a communication line to
    • Texas A&M University Health Science Center deans
      • Department heads
      • IPER chairpersons and faculty
      • SPH interdisciplinary collaboration
    • IPER external advisory board
    • Texas A&M Health Science Center curriculum committees
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