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Training Requirements

All employees of the Texas A&M University Health Science Center are required to take training courses within 30 days of hire and at periodic intervals. Specific employee training information. Additionally, non-employee affiliates may be required to to take appropriate training courses based on their roles within the Health Science Center.

Current Employees 

  1. Log in to Single Sign On (SSO)
  2. Choose TrainTraq from the SSO Menu
  3. Choose the Course Catalog tab at the top of the page
  4. Scroll through and find the appropriate course and enter course number desired
  5. Click Start Course
  6. Completion will be noted within TrainTraq; a certificate of completion can be printed.

Non-Texas A&M Health Science Center Employees and Affiliates

  1. Visit the TrainTraq External Gateway
  2. Log in using your email address and password (contact your departmental HR Liaison or Risk Management to obtain password)
  3. Scroll through and find appropriate course number and enter the course number desired
  4. Click Start Course
  5. Print a copy of completion confirmation and provide to your host department.
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