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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

As amended, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 refers to confidentiality of student records.

Information in student records will be released only to faculty and professional staff for authorized legitimate educational interest. The student's consent is required to release information other than public information to any non-Texas A&M University Health Science Center or non-university system person unless required by law or upon subpoena duces tecum. Public information includes: a student's name, gender, home address (including country), local address, telephone numbers, classification, enrollment status, major, dates of attendance, date and place of birth, photos and other types of media, degrees, certificates, and other awards received, the name of the institutions previously attended, and medical residence location and specialization.

If a student does not wish for this public information to be released, the student is responsible for notifying the Office of the Registrar during the first week of classes to ensure that information is not released by the Health Science Center. A request to withhold public information remains in effect until revoked in writing. This request does not apply when an emergency occurs that indicates that the student is a danger to others or themselves or in the case of an FBI request that is in compliance with the Family and Compliance Office that administers FERPA.

Within the institution, information from students' educational records is given without the consent of the student to administrative officials, faculty members and their staff, only for legitimate purposes in the students' educational interests.

FERPA documentation.

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