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Texas House Bill 2758 Information

Emergency Alert Systems Required by the State

Texas House Bill 2758 places certain requirements upon Texas’ institutions of higher education regarding emergency alert systems. They must “establish an emergency alert system for the institution’s students and staff, including faculty,” to include the following:

  • In the event of a campus emergency, a notification must be sent by using email or telephone notification and any other means the institution finds appropriate.
  • Email address or telephone number must be secured by the institution upon registration or upon employment, and individuals must be added to the emergency alert system.
  • A student or staff member, including faculty, may elect not to participate, but this must be submitted electronically or in writing, as designated by the institution. This must be renewed at the start of each academic year.
  • The personal information acquired from each individual will be confidential and not subject to disclosure.
  • Each institution of higher education must implement this emergency alert system not later than the spring 2012 semester.

Please see Texas HB2758 for exact wording.

Texas A&M University Health Science Center Compliance

As a requirement of HB2758, the Texas A&M University Health Science Center will strictly adhere to the criteria above. We are compliant with the utilization of e2Campus, and procedures for implementation in the following ways:

  • As of Jan. 1, 2012, the Office of Information Technology secured Texas A&M Health Science Center emails for all faculty, staff and students from directory information and added them into the emergency alert system.
  • In the initial installation, only Texas A&M Health Science Center emails were added to the emergency alert system, but users may choose to add an additional email address or choose to receive mobile communications via SMS.
  • The e2Campus alert system will be repopulated with current Texas A&M Health Science Center email addresses annually.
  • Faculty, staff and students may opt out by indicating this preference within the directory. Users who choose to opt out must do so annually, as the institution’s emergency alert system must be newly repopulated each year.

View tutorial to add information or opt out.


  • Texas A&M Health Science Center employees will be presented information about emergency notification systems available to them during their initial processing by Human Resources. They will be required to complete a new training module in TrainTraq that will present the information, provide links to the appropriate systems available to the employee, and log that the employee was presented the information. 
  • Existing employees will be presented with information about emergency notification systems available to them, including the opt-out provision, on an annual basis beginning in 2012.
  • Students will be presented the same information at the start of each semester registration period.
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