Section A: Governance, Organization and Administration

01 Governance

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
01.01.01.Z1 Development and Approval of Health Science Center Guidelines

03 Statements of Mission and Objectives

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
03.02.01.Z1.01 Procedures for Modifying Mission Statements of HSC Academic Components
03.02.02.Z1.01 Approval of Substantive Changes including the Establishment of a New Academic Program

07 Ethics, Conflict of Interest

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
07.03.01.Z1 Institutional Neutrality and Political Events on HSC Property or Using HSC Resources

08 Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
08.01.01.Z1 Civil Rights Compliance
08.99.99.Z1.01 Selection, Evaluation and Retention of Department Chairs

Section B: Academic and Research Programs

11 Centers, Degrees and Programs

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
11.02.99.Z1.01 Creation and Review of Centers and Institutes
11.04.99.Z1 Required Drug Screening of Students
11.04.99.Z2 Criminal Background Checks on Students
11.07.99.Z1 Granting of Honorary Degrees
11.08.99.Z1 Award of Posthumous Degrees

12 Faculty

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
12.01.99.Z1 Procedures for Modifying Internal Policies Related to Faculty Academic Issues
12.01.99.Z1.01 Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure
-Appendix A - Evaluation
-Appendix B - Promotion Criteria
-Appendix C - Faculty Record
-Appendix D - Review Committee
-Appendix E - Transmittal Form for Recommending Promotion and Tenure
-Appendix F - Technology Transfer and Commercialization
-Frequently Asked Questions
12.01.99.Z1.02 Graduate Committee Faculty Membership in TAMHSC
12.01.99.Z1.03 Academic Freedom, Ethics, Responsibilities and Rights
12.01.99.Z1.04 Conflicts of Commitment and Interest
-Appendix - Managing Conflicts of Commitment and Interest
12.01.99.Z2 Terms of Faculty Appointments
12.01.99.Z2.01 Appointment, Evaluation and Reappointment to Faculty Endowed Positions
12.01.99.Z4 Faculty Grievance Procedures Not Concerning Questions of Tenure, Dismissal or Constitutional Rights
12.03.99.Z1 Faculty Academic Workload
12.04.99.Z1 Faculty Senate
12.06.99.Z0.01 Post Tenure Review & Appendices
12.99.01.Z1.01 Faculty Development Leave
-Faculty Development Leave Instructions and Application
12.99.99.Z0.01 Faculty Recruitment Procedures
-Appendix A - Authorization to Recruit Faculty
-Appendix B - Tenured or Tenure Track Offer Letter
-Appendix C - Non-Tenure Track Offer Letter
-Appendix D - Prospective Faculty Member Fluent in English
-Appendix E - Applicant Analysis
-Appendix F - Tenure-Track Probationary Agreement
-Appendix G - Non-tenure Track Agreement
-Appendix H - Approval of Offer to Prospective Faculty
12.99.99.Z0.02 Designation of Emeritus/Emerita Faculty
12.99.99.Z0.03 Selection of Faculty to Distinguished Professor
12.99.99.Z5.01 Selection, Evaluation and Retention of Deans
12.99.99.Z6.01 Selection, Evaluation and Retention of Department Heads

13 Students

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
13.02.99.Z1.01 Student Rights and Obligations
13.02.99.Z1.02 Student Complaints
13.03.99.Z1.01 Scholarship Compliance Committee
13.04.99.Z1 Student Travel in HSC Vehicles
13.05.99.Z1.01 Extramural Student Health Care Services
-Appendix: Extramural Health Care Services Approval Form
13.99.99.Z0.01 Definition of a Credit Hour
13.99.99.Z1.01 Non-Resident Tuition Waiver for Competitive Scholarship Recipients
13.99.99.Z1.02 Limitation on the Number of Courses That May Be Dropped under Certain Circumstances by Undergraduate Students

15 Research Programs

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
15.01.01.Z1.01 Research Administration
15.01.01.Z1.03 Freedom to Publish Research Results
15.01.01.Z1.04 Facilities and Administrative Cost-Description and Negotiated Rates
15.01.01.Z3 Time and Effort Reporting
15.01.03.Z1 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research
-Appendix A - Significant Financial Interest Certification
-Appendix B - Significant Financial Interest Certification Disclosure Form
15.99.01.Z1 Human Subjects In Research
15.99.01.Z1.01 Human Subjects in Research
15.99.03.Z1 Ethics in Research and Scholarship
15.99.99.Z1.01 Visiting Professors/Scholars Not Involved in Employer/Employee Relationship 
-Appendix: Visiting Professor Scholar Form
15.99.99.Z1.02 Research Development and Enhancement Awards Program
15.99.99.Z1.03 Controlled Substances Used in Non-Clinical Educational and Research Activities
15.99.99.Z2.01 Use of Laboratory Animals in Research, Teaching, and Testing

16 General Compliance

SAPs for General Compliance, including HIPAA can be found within Texas A&M University Rules.

17 Intellectual Property

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
17.02.01.Z1 Intellectual Property, Patents, Copyrights, Information Technology, and Classified Proprietary Research
17.02.01.Z1.01 Management of Technology Commercialization Through Patents and Licensure of Intellectual Properties

Section C: Finance and Operations

21 General Finance

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
21.01.03.Z1 Travel Expenditures
21.01.03.Z2 Foreign Travel
-Appendix A - Request for Travel
-Appendix B - International Travel Questionnaire
-Appendix C - Educational Abroad Service Plan Enrollment Spreadsheet
-Appendix D - Acknowledgment of Risk
21.01.04.Z1.01 Identity Theft Prevention Program
21.01.99.Z1.01 Salary Savings from Vacant Positions
21.05.01.Z1 Gift Acceptance

22 Asset Management

23 Debt Management

24 Risk Management

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
24.01.01.Z1 Environmental Health and Safety Programs
24.01.01.Z1.01 Fire and Life Safety
24.01.01.Z1.02 Bloodborne Pathogens
24.01.01.Z1.03 Occupational Health Program
24.01.01.Z1.04 Hazard Communications
24.01.01.Z1.05 Hazard Materials Management
24.01.01.Z1.06 Laboratory Registration
24.01.01.Z1.07 Laboratory Decommissioning and Clearance
24.01.01.Z1.08 Laboratory Chemical Inventory
24.01.01.Z1.09 Radiological Safety
24.01.01.Z1.10 Use of Flame Effects and Pyrotechnics
24.01.01.Z1.11 Use of Candles
24.01.01.Z1.12 Student Safety Training
24.01.01.Z1.13 Visitors in Hazardous Work Areas
24.01.01.Z1.14 EHS Security Program and Services
24.01.06.Z0.01 Camps and Programs for Minors

25 Expenditure of Funds

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
25.07.01.Z1.01 Executive Vice President and CEO's Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration
25.99.08.Z1.01 Allowances for Communication Devices
25.99.99.Z1.01 Memberships

26 Tuition and Fees

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
26.01.Z1.01 Excess Semester Credit Hours

27 Financial Planning and Budgeting

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
27.04.01.Z1 Budget Authorizations, Limitations, and Delegations of Authority

28 Auxiliary Enterprise, Privatization, Etc.

29 Information Resources

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
29.01.02.Z1.01 Software Licensing
29.01.03.Z1 Security of Electronic Information Resources
29.01.03.Z1.01 Network Access
29.01.03.Z1.02 Password
29.01.03.Z1.03 Application Security
29.01.03.Z1.04 Administrative/Special Access
29.01.03.Z1.05 Data Classification
29.01.03.Z1.06 Electronic Communication
29.01.03.Z1.07 Encryption
29.01.03.Z1.08 Incident Management
29.01.03.Z1.09 Internet
29.01.03.Z1.10 Intrusion Detection
29.01.03.Z1.11 Network Configuration
29.01.03.Z1.12 Physical Access
29.01.03.Z1.13 Portable Computing
29.01.03.Z1.14 Privacy
-Appendix A - Complaint Procedures for Electronic Information
29.01.03.Z1.15 Security Monitoring
29.01.03.Z1.16 Security Training
29.01.03.Z1.17 Platform Management
29.01.03.Z1.18 Vendor Access
29.01.03.Z1.19 Malicious Code
29.01.03.Z1.20 Change Management
29.01.03.Z1.21 Firewall
29.01.04.Z1.01 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Resources
29.01.99.Z1.01 Acceptable Use of Information Resources
29.01.99.Z1.02 System Development
29.01.99.Z1.03 Backup/Recovery
29.01.99.Z1.04 Vulnerability Assessment
29.01.99.Z1.05 Account Management
29.01.99.Z1.06 Wireless
29.01.99.Z1.07 Definitions

Section D: Human Resources

31 Compensation and Benefits

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
31.01.08.Z1 Faculty Merit Payment Program
31.01.08.Z2 Merit Salary Increases Outside the Regular Budget Cycle for Non-faculty Employees
31.99.01.Z1 Employees Registering as Students
31.99.99.Z1.01 Executive Vice President and CEO's Delegation of Authority for Human Resource Administration

32 Employee Relations

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
32.01.01.Z0.01 Complaint and Appeal Procedures for Faculty
-Appendix A - Faculty Grievance Committee Procedures
-Appendix B - Faculty Grievance Flow Chart
32.01.02.Z1 Complaint and Appeal Procedure for Non-faculty Employees

33 Employment, Standards of Conduct

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
33.06.01.Z1 Flexible Work Schedule
-Appendix - Flexible Work Schedule Request Form
33.06.01.Z2 Alternate Work Location
-Appendix A - Alternate Work Location Request Form
-Appendix B - Alternate Work Location Agreement
-Appendix C - Alternate Work Location Inventory
-Appendix D - Alternate Work Location Safety Checklist
33.99.14.Z1 Criminal History Record Information-Employees and Applicants

34 Safety of Employees and Students

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
34.02.99.Z1 Alcohol and Illegal Substance Abuse
34.05.99.Z1 Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products
34.99.99.Z0.01 Behavioral InterventionTeam
34.99.99.Z1.01 Immunizations
-Appendix - Immunization Requirements

Section E: Real Estate

41 Real Estate Management

Section F: Facilities Planning and Construction

51 Facilities Planning and Construction

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
51.06.99.Z1 Naming Opportunities

Section G: Public Affairs and Development

60 Relations with Financial Support Organizations

61 Information and Communications

Guideline NumberGuideline Title
61.01.02.Z1.01 Public Information
61.01.02.Z1.02 HSC Guideline for Media Relations
61.99.99.Z1.01 Governmental Affairs
61.99.01.Z1.01 Records Management

-Appendix A - Authorization to Recruit Faculty