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Media Relations Tips

Most media requests are routed through the Office of Public Affairs or the respective college/center communications office. However, journalists sometimes contact faculty and staff directly.

We can help with those direct requests. Faculty and staff should clear all media inquiries, emails or other contact either with public affairs or the respective college/center communications office prior to responding to a reporter’s request for information and/or an interview.

When a reporter contacts you

  • Obtain the reporter’s name, media outlet, contact information (e.g., phone/email), subject (i.e., reason for contacting you) and response deadline.
  • Let the reporter know that public affairs or your college/center communications office will respond.
  • Immediately contact Holly Shive (979.436.0613) or your respective communicator.

Interview process

  • For off-campus interviews, if a communications director is available, he or she can accompany you.
  • For on-site/on-campus interviews, especially those that will be videotaped, a communications director or designee should always be present.
  • We will provide tips and guidelines for handling the interview. In case of a crisis or emergency situation, it may be appropriate and necessary to utilize a spokesperson to represent an individual(s) and/or the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. This provides a unified, consistent message to the public.
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