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Office of Governmental Affairs

oga-capitalThe Texas A&M University Health Science Center Office of Governmental Affairs facilitates the Texas A&M Health Science Center's participation in the public policy-making process at the State and Federal levels, using strong linkages with The Texas A&M University System Office of Governmental Relations. The office provides accurate and timely information to elected officials as they engage in decision-making affecting the education, training, and research activities of health professionals in Texas.

Specifically, the Texas A&M Health Science Center advises the Texas Legislature, Congress, and state and federal agencies with regard to issues affecting higher education of health professionals including students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, bioscience, and public health.

In addition, the office provides guidance to ensure State and Federal policy is considered in the planning and implementation of the Texas A&M Health Science Center activities. Finally, the office seeks to maximize all available state and federal resources for the Texas A&M Health Science Center to conduct its mission of education, service, research and outreach to serve the State of Texas.

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Contact Information

For any questions related to state and federal legislation or appropriations, contact:

Jenny E. Jones

Associate Vice President for Governmental and Public Affairs


Phone: 512.542.7834


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