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Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation insurance is a form of insurance specifically designed to provide medical payments, and in some cases, financial payments to employees on the payroll of The Texas A&M University System who suffer injuries, occupational diseases, or work related death in the course and scope of their employment. Worker's compensation is not health insurance, nor does it provide compensation for damage to, or loss of personal property.

The Texas A&M University System is self-insured and self-administered for workers’ compensation. There is no private insurance company involved in the process. The entire worker's compensation insurance program is administered by the A&M System Risk Management Office. HSC Risk Management Department manages the workers’ compensation process with assistance from Environmental Health and Safety and Human Resources for the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Procedures and Forms

HR liaisons and supervisors can refer to Health Science Center workers’ compensation procedures and the instructions for completing workers' compensation insurance forms listed below for further guidance.   

All paperwork should be submitted to Health Science Center Risk Management via email.

Health Science Center Workers' Compensation Procedure

Early Return To Work Program

Employer’s First Report of Injury (DWC-001 Form)

Supplemental Report of Injury (DWC-006 Form) 

Employer's Wage Statement (DWC-003 Form)

Request for Paid Leave Form

Sharps Injury Report Form
Work-Related Communicable Diseases

Employees Seeking Medical Assistance 

Your health care provider, emergency room or pharmacy may request billing information or pre-authorization regarding your workers compensation claim. For these purposes, please provide the following information to your treating physician or pharmacist:

System Risk Management
301 Tarrow, 5th Floor
College Station, TX 77840
979.458.6330 or Toll Free 866.249.8574 

For more information contact:

HSC Risk Management

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