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Camps and Programs for Minors

The Texas A&M University Health Science Center considers the safety and well-being of children participating in camps and/or enrichment programs to be the highest priority of all university affiliated camps or enrichment programs. Departments, organizations and/or academic units that sponsor events involving children must consider the full impact of all activities conducted during the course of a program and must appreciate the responsibilities of the sponsoring unit in taking appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate the potential for exposure of participants to reasonably foreseeable hazards.

Rules, Guidelines, and Requirements

All camps and programs for minors that fall under the definition outlined below would be subject to the following System Regulation 24.01.06 – Camps and Programs for Minors.

Camps and Programs for Minors are programs for minors that are sponsored and operated by members or third parties using member property/facilities and that are held for more than two consecutive days without an overnight stay or that involve overnight stays where full supervisory duties of the minor(s) is the member or third party’s responsibility. This responsibility includes providing supervision, instruction and/or recreation where the children are apart from their parent(s)/legal guardian(s).

All camps must be approved by the Health Science Center Risk Management office after a risk assessment has been completed. A risk assessment form has been designed for use by program sponsors to assess risks associated with various activities that involve minors. This tool cannot encompass all of the possible scenarios for activities and risks. Therefore, sponsoring units are called upon to exercise due diligence in designing program activities in such a way as to reflect safety considerations for all participants.

Camp sponsors are encouraged to obtain assistance from Risk Management (RM) and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) as necessary to address questions regarding the design of safe program activities. 

Camps and Programs for Minors Information Packet

All individual forms can be found within Risk Management Forms and Resources.

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