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Responsible Agency Personnel

The HSC HUB Coordinator is responsible for :

  • The administration, outreach, education, compliance, and reporting of the Mentor/Protégé Program. The agency's resources will be utilized as necessary to carry out the mission of the program as needed.
  • Maintaining application documents, program information materials, Mentor and Protégé Application files, Mentor and Protégé training documents, and Mentor/Protégé Agreements.
  • Program outreach, information dissemination, program reporting and evaluation.

Our institution's involvement:

  • The HSC Mentor/Protégé Program is implemented as an institution-wide effort involving the HUB Coordinator, Purchasing Section and other HSC component employees as deemed necessary by the HSC.
  • The HSC may also collaborate with leaders of major prime and subcontractor businesses, financial and bonding institutions, the Associated General Contractors, minority and women owned businesses support service organizations, as well as Chambers of Commerce who support minority and women owned businesses.
  • The HUB Coordinator, in carrying out the mission of the HSC Mentor/Protégé Program, will assess each Mentor/Protégé Agreement and develop an agency cooperation plan to assist in supporting protégé needs identified in the agreements.
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