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HUB Subcontracting Plan

In accordance with Texas Government Code (TGC) §2161.252 and Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 1, Part 5, Chapter 111, Subchapter B, Rule §111.14, the Texas A&M University Health Science Center when considering entering into a contract with an expected value of $100,000 or more shall, before soliciting bids, proposals, offers, or other applicable expressions of interest, determine whether subcontracting opportunities are probable under the contract.

If subcontracting opportunities are probable, the Health Science Center's invitation for bids or other purchase solicitation documents for construction, professional services, other services, and commodities with an expected value of $100,000 or more shall state that probability and require a HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP). To obtain copies of the HSP forms, click on the link below.

For more information, contact Health Science Center HUB Program & Procurement Services (979.458.7281)

Last edited by: schnettler 11/02/2017