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Famis Help, Training and Access



Information Needed
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FAMIS Help/Security
 Access Help
Preliminary/Approved Fixed Assets
Genell McNeil
Limited/Exempt Purchasing
Debbie Elbrich
HSC Procurement Services Help
Robby Bounds


Finance Training and Course Listing

Don't see the class you need? Contact Jeff Burton (979.436.9226) and we will set up special training to fit your needs.

Current Course Offerings

  • FAMIS Introduction - Contact Genell McNeil for more information. Required. You will be provided the “Introduction to FAMIS” documentation once your FAMIS access has been set up through security. The course covers logging in and logging out, navigation, and other basic helpful tips in using FAMIS. There is a quiz at the end of the document that will need to be completed and submitted for final FAMIS access to be granted.
  • Disbursement - Contact Debbie Elbrich to register. Required if you will be doing any purchasing/disbursement related activities. Covers State, Texas A&M University System, and Health Science Center Disbursement Guidelines.
  • On-Line Purchasing and Limited/Exempt Purchasing - Contact Debbie Elbrich to register. Recommended if you will be entering on-line limited/exempt documents. Covers the concepts of the Purchasing Module and the screens used to enter and route documents.
  • Requisitions/Purchase Orders - Contact Robby Bounds to register. Required if you will be entering on-line requisitions. Covers requisition/purchase order  guidelines and procedures and FAMIS screens.
  • FAMIS Financial Accounting - Contact Kristin Nace to register. Optional. This course is for those who are experienced with FAMIS. It covers FAMIS accounting terms, helpful screens, types of FAMIS accounts, types of expense codes, types of transactions, and monthly account statements.
  • Support Accounts - Contact Kristin Nace to register. Optional. This course is for those who want to use Support Accounts. It covers all facets of support accounts.
  • Departmental Property Processes - Contact Genell McNeil to register. This training is mandatory for all Alternate Accountable Property Officers (Alt APOs). It is also recommended for others in the department who assist the Alt APO with property responsibilities. This training explains the Alt APOs responsibilities in performing the annual physical certification, completing property forms, processing inventory transactions, etc.
  • FAMIS FFX Inquiry/Update - Contact Genell McNeil to register. This course is mandatory for individuals who will utilize FAMIS FFX for asset inquiries and updates to Screen 535.
  • FAMIS Preliminary Asset Entry - Contact Genell McNeil to register. This training is mandatory for anyone who inputs preliminary asset information into FAMIS. This class explains how to enter inventory information into FAMIS at the departmental level before an invoice gets paid. Alt APOs who do not enter this information might still find value in understanding how this process works.
  • Introduction to Property Management - Contact Genell McNeil to register. This training is optional. It is recommended for anyone who enters purchasing documents and/or inventory data into FAMIS and anyone who regularly moves equipment from one location to another.
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