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Buy A&M

The Texas A&M University Health Science Center is pleased to be working with other Texas A&M University System members in the upcoming implementation of Buy A&M. Buy A&M is a web-based e-Commerce system developed by The Texas A&M University System, in partnership with Periscope Holdings, Inc. Buy A&M will be implemented by all System members, replacing the purchasing functionality within FAMIS, AggieBuy, EPIC and Masterpiece. Buy A&M is fully integrated with FAMIS and will be linked to the Texas A&M System’s major suppliers.

Rollout for departmental use is expected to begin in late March 2016. Coordination with colleges/departments is beginning now. Your departments will be contacted when training and implementation schedules begin to take shape.

More information will follow as we begin working through procedures and policies to prepare for this upcoming transition.

Updated 1/19/2016

The Buy A&M implementation team is:

Access Request Form

One fundamental aspect of Buy A&M is that users in Buy A&M, unlike users in FAMIS, will not be allowed to both create and approve requisitions and requests for payments (RPAs). In Buy A&M the only way to prevent a user from being able to give “final approval” to their own documents is to assign the user only one of the permissions — requisitioner or approver. Essentially, unless departments specify otherwise, their FAMIS “Final Approvers/Signers” will become the “approvers” in Buy A&M, while those with all other FAMIS roles will become “requisitioners.” Departments do have the option of designating one or more or their requisitioners as a BuyA&M “Super User” who, although not allowed to approve documents, will have the ability to not only create documents but also access and edit documents created by other requisitioners in the department. Departments may also choose whether to restrict some or all of their requisitioners to shopping from just Contracts and Punchout Catalogs.


A. Buy A&M Departmental Access Training – hands-on introduction to processing requisitions in Buy A&M. It will teach requisition creators how to create, submit and track Open Market, Direct Open Market, and Release (Punch-out) requisitions. Finance & Administration will coordinate this training with departments throughout the implementation of Buy A&M.

B. Buy A&M Approver Training – on-line course through TrainTraq intended for approvers of requisitions and other document types within Buy A&M. Log into TrainTraq through SSO and search for course 2112566: Buy A&M Approver Training for A&M System Users.

Buy A&M RSS Feed

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 contain an easy way to organize and view multiple RSS Feeds. In your version of Outlook, you should see an ‘RSS Feeds' folder beneath your ‘Outbox' folder. You can add the Buy A&M RSS Feed to your Outlook by following these instructions:

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Select Account Settings, and on the drop-down menu, click Account Settings.
  3. Click on the RSS Feeds tab, and click New.
  4. In the New RSS Feed dialog box, type of copy the following URL:
  5. Leave the other settings the same and click Add.
  6. Click Ok.

You should now have a folder titled Buy A&M in the RSS Feeds folder in your Outlook. Anytime a new blog post is created, the initial paragraph and a link to the story will be included in a message in that folder.

Vendor Administrators

Vendor Setup Instructions
Submit all vendor documentation to, fax to 979.458.4191 or Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page.

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