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Direct Deposit

Why choose direct deposit?

  • Gets you your money faster
  • You don't have to go to the bank
  • No chance of a lost check
  • It's easy to sign up

How to sign up

Health Science Center employees and students may have payments from the Health Science Center deposited directly into any financial institution that is a member of the Automated Clearing House Network.  Employees may follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into HRConnect at
  2. Select the Payroll Data tab
  3. Choose Direct Deposit Information (Payroll and Accounting Reimbursement)

There are two separate sections: one for Payroll Direct Deposit Information and one for Accounting System Direct Deposit Information. Complete each section as appropriate.

How to know if payment is processed

Three options for employees:

  1. If your bank has on-line banking, look at your account activity on-line through the banking system.
  2. If you have access to FAMIS and your payment is not payroll, you may look at FAMIS screen 162 and do the following:
    • In the vendor field, type in a "2" and then your social security number, and then a "0".
    • Tab over to the All field and type in "Y" and hit enter.
    • If you do not see a voucher number that represents a direct deposit reimbursement, then your reimbursement has not been processed yet.
    • If you do see a voucher number that represents a direct deposit, place an "X" by it and press enter.
    • This will take you to screen 168. Near the middle of the screen you will see a field called "ACH Date." This is the date the reimbursement was processed in FAMIS. Your deposit into your bank account will occur first thing in the morning the next business day after the ACH Date.
  3. Contact Health Science Center Accounts Payable (979.436.9242).
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