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Carly McCord, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences

Director of Clinical Services, Telehealth Counseling Clinic


School of Public Health


mental health, rural health, health care delivery
telehealth, depression, anxiety
Dr. Carly McCord

About Carly McCord

Carly McCord, PhD, is a clinical research assistant professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, and an adjunct professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University. She is also the Director of Clinical Services of the Telehealth Counseling Clinic (TCC).

Dr. McCord systematically studies the mental health needs of clients of the TCC and the communities in which they reside, develops and refines intervention approaches, investigates the effectiveness of interventions, and evaluates satisfaction with services. In both research and practice she is well-versed in underserved populations, training and supervision, positive psychology and strengths-based approaches, and telehealth.

She has a proven and documented expertise in providing high-quality mental health services via long-distance technology, engaging rural communities in order to reduce mental health disparities, and starting a successful and innovative training and supervision model for telepsychology.

Dr. McCord received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Science in educational psychology from Texas A&M University and doctorate in counseling psychology from Texas A&M University in 2013.