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Thomas A. Kent, MD

Thomas A. Kent, MD

Welch Professor and Associate Dean, Engineering Medicine program


College of Medicine


innovation, engineering medicine
neurology, stroke

About Thomas A. Kent

Thomas A. Kent is a professor and associate dean for the Engineering Medicine (EnMed) program at Texas A&M University, in partnership with Houston Methodist Hospital. EnMed is the nation's first four-year, fully-integrated engineering and medical education curriculum leading to both a MD and master's degree in engineering.

Dr. Kent's research spans from the basic science of oxidative stress in the nervous system, clinical trials of novel intravenous drug combinations for acute ischemic stroke and development of outcome methodologies. He has a special interest in diabetes and hyperglycemia, the mechanisms by which they influence stroke outcomes and their role in the poor outcomes seen especially in minority populations. One of Dr. Kent's primary responsibilities is to lead the continued development of EnMed curriculum.

Dr. Kent was previously the Chief of Neurology, Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Director of Stroke Research and Education, Baylor College of Medicine. He was also the co-director of the VA Epilepsy Center of Excellence that focused on epilepsy that follows head trauma and worked to expand the knowledge and expertise for this condition.

Dr. Kent graduated from the University of Kansas Medical Center and completed his internship, a psychiatry residency, and a fellowship in clinical and basic psychopharmacology at the University of Kansas. He graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Galveston in 1985 after completing a neurology residency.