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Safety Data Sheets

A Safety Data Sheet, often referred to by its acronym SDS, is a detailed informational document prepared by the manufacturer or importer of a hazardous chemical which describes the physical and chemical properties of the product.

NOTE: The health and safety guidance in the Safety Data Sheet often addresses the worst case situation which would be more relevant to a major industrial accident or tank car spill than to a laboratory. If you have questions about handling or protecting yourself from a particular chemical contact your Campus EHS Representative.

SDS Web Links

Links are presented as a convenience. The TAMHSC EHS is not responsible for the information at these sites below and TAMHSC, nor any of its agents are liable for the accuracy, or inaccuracy, of the Material Safety Data Sheets in the following collections. You assume the liability for the use of any part of any one of these Material Safety Data Sheets.

MSDSOnline - The HSC utilizes MSDSonline as an SDS database for chemicals purchased and used by HSC employees. There are currently more than 8300 SDSs in this database. Upon receipt of a new chemical, the SDS should be submitted to the employee’s Component Safety Representative for inclusion in this database.
To access MSDSonline, login with your HSC username and password.

Sigma Aldrich - MSDSs for all chemicals distributed by Sigma Aldrich, and includes the majority of chemicals used in research laboratories. Includes 90,000 MSDSs. Need to register with the site, but registration is free and easy.
Access Sigma Aldrich.

Vermont SIRI - Vermont SIRI Archive of ~ 180,000 MSDSs from their server. Easy to use site containing a large archive of common laboratory and industrial chemicals.
Access Vermont SIRI.

Health Canada - MSDSs for infectious substances from Health Canada - Office of Laboratory Security

Access Health Canada.

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