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Occupational Health Program

Protecting the health and safety of employees at the Texas A&M Health Science Center is crucial to the continued success of our mission to advance knowledge and technologies and bring the finest in health education, promotion and care to Texans. The Occupational Health Program (OHP) is managed by Environmental Health & Safety and administered through:

  • contracts with local Occupational Health Medicine providers;
  • a memorandum of understating with the Texas A&M Office of Biosafety; and
  • coordination with affiliate Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees

The Texas A&M Health Science Center’s Occupational Health Program is intended to identify those employees to be included in the OHP and through proper risk assessment, medical surveillance, treatment, and training provide the necessary preventative measures to ensure a safe and healthy work environment at no cost to the employee.

Participation in the Occupational Health Program

Texas A&M Health Science Center Occupational Health Program enrollment is required for all individuals who work directly or indirectly with patients, human tissues or wastes; pathogens; animals, animal tissues or wastes, chemicals, sources of radiation, physical hazards, and those who are identified in the HSC Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.

Examples include:
  • Individuals listed on an Institutional Biosafety Committee research permit working with agents at BSL2 or above
  • Individuals listed on an IACUC research or teaching Animal Use Protocol
  • Individuals involved in animal care in HSC animal use rooms housing animals for research and teaching
  • Visitors and collaborators, contract service providers, volunteers
  • Other individuals who may reasonably be expected to come in contact with human body fluids, human tissues or waste; animals, animal tissues or wastes; or human disease causing microorganisms as part of their job duties. (this may include Environmental Services, Facilities, Security, Environmental Health & Safety, Lab attendants, Clinical Staff)
  • Individuals who work with or are in an area where chemicals are used
  • Individuals listed on a radioactive material, laser, or x-ray permit
  • Individuals who work in areas with excessive noise or vibration 

The extent of participation in the OHP is based on a risk assessment that takes into account type of exposure, extent and frequency of exposure, and a review of health history by an Occupational Health professional.

Please email if you have questions about your job duties and enrollment in the Occupational Health Program.


Please select your personnel category in order to access the appropriate OHP forms relevant to your area of responsibility.  Complete the form(s) and submit to the OHP.

Note: Because Occupational Health Program forms collect protected health information, we have taken extra steps to safeguard your information.  You must be on the HSC network and you will need to login with your HSC username and password to access them.

Additional Resources

Contact Information

For questions or to submit your forms:

Fax: 979-436-0081

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