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Dealing with Hazardous Materials - 2111516


This online training video teaches employees who work with or around hazardous materials how to prepare for and respond to chemical and HAZMAT spills. The video training demonstrates the basics of HAZMAT cleanup, from spill notification to absorbent dykes and decontamination.

The online course details the five levels of OSHA HAZMAT responsibility training. The five levels of OSHA HAZMAT training include First Responder Awareness, HAZMAT Technician and Incident Commander.

This video training course teaches employees how to minimize the dangers associated with HAZMAT spills and cleanup by becoming properly trained to deal with hazardous spills and create a safer work environment.


Any employee working with or around hazardous materials or chemicals and who may be required to assist in response to a hazardous materials spill (Environmental Health & Safety staff, facilities workers, security staff, etc.).

Time Required

19 to 21 minutes

Topics Covered
  • Introduction
  • Basics
  • Five Levels
  • Typical Small Spill
  • Review
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