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Chemical Inventory Program

Chemical inventory management is a necessary part of ensuring a safe work area and of being responsible stewards of our environment. In addition, maintaining an accurate inventory is a requirement of federal and state regulations.

To assist researchers and laboratory staff with managing their chemical information, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) provides access to ChemTracker, a web-based chemical inventory management program developed by Stanford University. Users of the program are able to modify and track chemical inventory information, quickly look up chemical hazard and safety facts, and prepare reports. EHS uses data gathered from the program to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and to provide information to emergency planning coordinators and emergency responders.

To obtain login credentials or assistance with using the ChemTracker program, email EHS or contact your campus EHS representative.


For more information on the software program and on the consortium of universities and colleges that use the ChemTracker program, visit the ChemTracker website.

Last edited by: tarpley 12/07/2017