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Mobile Safety & Security 

The Texas A&M University Health Science Center’s eduSafe app provides rapid access to all emergency procedures normally located in bulky flipcharts. By incorporating relevant safety and security information, Health Science Center eduSafe ensures that personnel in all areas of any Health Science Center facility can access their campus-specific safety procedures. This ease of access will help users handle situations in which they might find themselves in, regardless of a data connection.


  • Access to emergency procedures regardless of Wi-Fi or data connection
  • Anonymous reporting of any safety or security concerns
  • Easier access to the Health Science Center parking portal
  • Maps of our campuses and parking lots
  • “Request Security Escort” feature to call security to walk you to your car or class should you feel unsafe
  • Easier access to the Health Science Center's annual security reports
  • Access to forms for Health Science Center faculty, such as inspection checklists, inventory order and registration forms 

Available on iOS and Android

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Developed by TAMHSC ATEI.

For support questions/concerns email us at HSC-edusafe@tamhsc.edu.


Get rapid access to the Health Science Center's mission-critical safety and security people with one-touch dialing. Each campus-specific safety or security contact live updates our server to ensure the most up-to-date information.

emergencyEmergency Procedures

Keep all of the Health Science Center's emergency procedures at your fingertips. Save paper and confusion with in-app emergency procedures that will be accessible regardless of data connection or cellular signal. 

escortSecurity Escort

Need to quickly call security on your campus? Don’t know the number? No problem. Simply select your campus and hit dial without delay.

hazardHazard Reporting

Keeping our campuses safe is a job for all of us. Report safety hazards by including a picture and description. You can choose to include your contact information for us to follow up with you.

parkingParking & Maps

Organize maps and other transportation info for easy use. Find parking and buildings on each of the Health Science Center's campuses and use your phone’s navigation to guide you!

complianceSafety & Compliance

Get access to all of the Health Science Center's safety forms, procedures, and guidelines. Health Science Center safety is at your fingertips. Inspection checklists and other compliance procedures are all in one easy-to-find place.

cleryClery Reporting

Get instant access to the most updated versions of the Clery Act reports for any Health Science Center campus. Travelling between campuses? Check out the security report of your destination and be prepared.

alertHSC Alerts

Have you signed up for Health Science Center Alert? Do you know what you’re missing? Find out how you can be notified of "real-time" events.


We have also included links that we think you will find useful on the job. Always have access to every tool you need, sorted and made accessible through this simple and user-friendly method.