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Supplies and Equipment

Checkout standards and procedure 

CLRC equipment may be checked out to responsible persons/entities for a limited and specified time period based on availability of equipment, intended use and the person/entity’s relationship with the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. A checkout form is maintained by the CLRC coordinator, including contact information for the person/entity, the name and position of the person assuming the responsibility for the care and return of the equipment, the date the equipment will be picked up and returned, intended use, and intended users. Should intended users of the equipment be individuals not within the Texas A&M Health Science Center, or minors, additional release forms may be required.

Acquisition of equipment and supplies

The CLRC assistant director handles all requests to acquire additional equipment or to replace existing equipment. The purchase of equipment is contingent on projected use and benefit to the Texas A&M Health Science Center students and the availability of sufficient resources.

Maintenance and cleaning of equipment  

The CLRC coordinator supervises, performs and records the maintenance and cleaning of equipment for periodic review by the CLRC assistant director. Cooperation is required by faculty and staff to immediately report any broken or malfunctioning equipment to CLRC staff. Timely reporting of CLRC equipment issues permits CLRC staff to take appropriate action to remedy the issue prior to any disruption of future student activities.

Responsibility for the replacement of broken equipment

Damage to equipment within the CLRC by abuse or misuse is the responsibility of the entity involved to accomplish appropriate repairs or replacement. Responsible entities entrusted to check out CLRC equipment are financially responsible for any damages, missing items, repairs or replacements that may arise due to loss, abuse or misuse of the equipment.

In situ versus in facility use 

CLRC equipment used in situ will be used under the supervision or delegation of the responsible entity to which the equipment was checked out. Use of CLRC equipment in facility will be under the supervision of CLRC staff or an approved faculty member/instructor. Students will not be allowed to use CLRC facilities or equipment without the permission of CLRC staff or in the presence of an approved faculty member/instructor.

Provision of supplies 

The organizer of an activity must provide a comprehensive list of needed supplies, preferably at the time the activity is scheduled, but no later than six weeks prior to the activity date. The CLRC will not be responsible for failure to obtain needed supplies for an activity if a comprehensive supply list is not provided at least six weeks prior to the activity date.

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