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Precautions and Advisories


Security personnel are located near the entrance to the building. The CLRC rely on facility security to provide information and instructions to visitors and vendors on parking and building regulations.

Safety and courtesy guidelines

All items in the CLRC are intended for use on manikins in simulated clinical environments. No equipment, medications or supplies should be used on actual humans. Practice is restricted to manikins and simulation activities only.

No food or drink is permitted in the CLRC. Please be aware of the damage that can be done to CLRC equipment by fluids and organic matter.

The CLRC handle hazardous waste according to the guidelines of the TAMHSC Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Individual environmental health and safety manuals can be found at

Latex allergy 

The CLRC have latex products and equipment with latex content throughout the facilities. Maintaining posted notification of the presence of latex in the CLRCs at all entrances to the facilities is the responsibility of the CLRC director. Latex-free personal protective equipment is provided for use in the CLRC whenever possible and reasonable. However, exposure to latex is a high probability at anytime one is in the CLRC. Individuals with known allergies and entering a CLRC should take steps to protect themselves from exposure, make their allergy risk known and provide for emergency treatment (e.g., EpiPen) or refrain from entering the CLRC.

Video recording  

Many areas within the CLRC are capable of being observed and recorded with audio and video equipment. Every person entering a CLRC is subject to being observed and recorded by audio and video equipment. Warning signs are posted at all entrances to the CLRC advising of the potential for such activities.

Video distribution 

Video recordings of activities within the CLRC are available for viewing online by faculty and students. Permission to view each video is granted under direction of the faculty or instructor responsible for the activity. Videos should not be downloaded or placed on portable devices. Requests to download videos or remove them from the system must be made to the CLRC director. Videos of non-TAMHSC students or activities may be downloaded and provided to the participants at their request.

Video archiving 

CLRC staff maintains student records in electronic format. These recorded audio/video encounters with manikins and live patient actors are used for formative and summative evaluation of student performances during clinical simulations. The records are maintained on TAMHSC network servers. All of these records are managed according to the State of Texas Records Retention Schedule for The Texas A&M University System Agency Item No. 01.401.10 (Completed Class Tests and Examinations, Students’ Course Papers). The Records Retention Schedule Item No. 01.401.10 mandates retention of records for the time of their administrative value plus one (1) year. No student records will be deleted from their electronic storage without following the TAMHSC guideline of notifying the appropriate records management liaison by means of a TAMHSC Records Disposition Form.

Observation of simulation  

The faculty and instructors will determine who is permitted to observe simulation activities, or related video recordings, at their discretion. The faculty member of record responsible for any given activity is to provide the CLRC assistant director, or designee, the names of all those given permission to observe the activity or view related video recordings. No one will be allowed to observe a simulation activity or view video recordings without the permission of the instructor of record or the assistant director of the CLRC. 

Required disclaimers and pre‐event statements 

Students and employees of the TAMHSC are not required by the CLRC to give permission to be recorded or viewed participating in simulation activities. Participants outside the TAMHSC are required to sign a form giving their permission to be recorded and have their video used by the TAMHSC for educational and promotional purposes.

Last edited by: terrell 04/17/2017