The mission of the Clinical Learning Resource Center is to dedicate the full measure of our resources and abilities to advancing the knowledge and technologies of our professions through clinical simulation, and to bring Texans the finest in health education, promotion, and care.


The vision of the CLRCs is to be recognized as one of the premier institutions in the country for utilizing, improving, promoting and sharing simulation technologies in health care professional education. 


Simulation Technologies – Virtual reality software programs, partial task trainers, human patient simulators, simulated clinical environments, standardized patients and clinical simulation scenarios.

Utilizing – Integrating simulation technologies into curriculum to teach skills competencies, critical-thinking skills, team working at the intraprofessional and interprofessional levels, knowledge application, and interpersonal communication skills.

Improving – Conducting research to validate simulation technologies as effective methods to translate classroom knowledge into clinical skills competencies and integrating evidenced-based research results into health care professional education modalities.

Promoting – Collaborating to share new developments and techniques that utilize simulation technologies in better and innovative ways with the larger community of health care educators that employ simulation technologies.

Sharing – Engaging community entities by utilizing simulation technologies to benefit community health, educating community health care providers and encouraging community youth to select health care professions as a career choice.

Value statement 

All staff within the CLRCs values the right of every student to learn and gain experience in a nonthreatening, nurturing and safe environment with the promise of maintaining the confidentiality related to that experience.