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Procedures Manual

Producers Manual


  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Value Statement

Scheduling and Priority of Use

  • Requests for use of Clinical Learning Resource Center facilities
  • Priorities for use of the Clinical Learning Resource Centers
  • Fees for facility use
  • Cancellation procedure
  • Facility use

Supplies and Equipment

  • Checkout standards and procedure
  • Acquisition of equipment and supplies
  • Maintenance & cleaning of equipment
  • Responsibility for the replacement of broken equipment
  • In situ versus in facility use
  • Reimbursement of consumable supplies

Precautions and Advisories

  • Security
  • Safety and courtesy guidelines
  • Latex allergy
  • Video recording
  • Video distribution
  • Video archiving
  • Observation of simulation
  • Required disclaimers and pre-event statements

Research Guidelines

  • IRB approval
  • Grant proposals involving the use or expansion of a Texas A&M University Health Science Center Clinical Learning Resource Center


  • Scenarios

Gifts and Donations



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