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Leslie Lutz, MUP

Leslie LutzEmergency Management/Business Continuity Coordinator
Environmental Health and Safety

8441 SH 47, Clinical Building 1 Suite 4130
Bryan, Texas 77807

Education and Qualifications

Lutz serves the Health Science Center as the Emergency Management/Business Continuity Coordinator. Lutz holds a Bachelor of Science in renewable natural resources from Texas A&M University and a Master of Urban Planning with an emphasis in environmental hazard management from Texas A&M University. He began working in Radiological Safety for Environmental Health & Safety at Texas A&M University in 2003. In 2006, he became an Emergency Management Supervisor for Texas A&M University, and transferred to the Texas A&M Health Science Center in April 2012.

Lutz has responded to numerous emergencies in various capacities to include hurricane sheltering, flooding, and hazardous materials releases. In addition to emergency response, he developed many exercises for Texas A&M University ranging from tabletop to full-scale exercise. Lutz has been a member of multiple committees including but not limited to; Code Maroon Operations Committee, Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) Business Continuity Subcommittee, Regional Emergency Alert System Committee, and the Brazos Valley Homeland Security Advisory Committee (HSAC).

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