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College of Dentistry 2017-2018

May 31 Wednesday, DDS (D3, D4), DH2 students - tuition and fee payment due by 5 p.m.
June 5 Monday, Summer session begins (D2, D3, D4, DH Sr)
June 6 QA/RM Program (D3-D4 & DH Sr.) - clinics closed from 1 to 4 p.m.
June 8 Thursday, 4th cass day - census date - DDS & DH
June 23 Friday, 15th class day - DDS & DH
June 28 Wednesday, Graduate students - tuition and fee payment due by 5 p.m.
June 29-30 Thursday-Friday, New Graduate Student Orientation
July 3 Monday, Summer graudate session begins (All graduate students)
July 4 Tuesday, Independence Day, Holiday
July 6 Thursday, Graduate core courses begin
July 7 Friday, 4th class day - census date - graduates
July 14 Friday, Summer session ends (D2, D3, D4, DH Sr.)
July 18 Tuesday, Summer session grades due by noon - Dental and Dental Hygiene Courses
July 24 Monday, 15th class day - graduates
Aug. 9 Wednesday, DDS (D1, D2), DH1, DH2, graduate students - tuition and fee payment due by 5 p.m.
Aug. 7 - 11 Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. Orientation, fall semester first-year Dental and Dental Hygiene students
Aug. 11 Friday, Second-year Dental DDS Instrument Distribution (attendance mandatory)
Aug. 11 Friday, Summder graduate session ends (All graduate students)
Aug. 14 Monday, 8 a.m., Fall semester begins (All students)
Aug. 15 Tuesday, Summer graduate grades due by noon
Aug. 29 Wednesday, 12th class day - census date - all students
Sept. 4 Monday, Labor Day, Holiday
Sept. 11 Monday, 20th class day
Nov. 20 - 24 Fall semester recess
Nov. 23 Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Holiday
Dec. 8 Friday, Fall semester instruction ends (D1, D2, D3, D4, DH Sr, DH Jr)
Dec. 11 - 15 Fall semester examination period
Dec. 15 Fall graduate semester ends
Dec. 15 Friday, 5 p.m., Holiday recess begins
Dec. 16 Saturday, Award MS and PhD degrees
Dec. 25 Monday, Christmas Day, Holiday
Jan. 1 Monday, New Year's Day, Holiday
Jan. 3 Wednesday, Fall semester grades due by noon
Jan. 3 Wednesday, DDS (All), DH1, DH2, graduate students - tuition and fee payment due by 5 p.m.
Jan. TBD Faculty retreat
Jan. 8 Monday, 8 a.m., Spring semester begins
Jan. 15 Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Holiday
Jan. 24 Wednesday, 12th class day - census date - all students
Feb. TBD Mock boards - Fourth-year dental, D2 assists (TBD)
Feb. 5 Monday, 20th class day
March 19 - 23 Spring semester recess
April TBD Scholars Day - Clinic closed for DDS/DH
April - May TBD WREB exam- Fourth-year and senior Dental Hygiene (TBD)
May 11 Friday, Grades due for graduating students by noon
May 11 Friday, 5 p.m., Spring semester instruction ends (DDS and DH students)
May 16 Wednesday, PM, Graduation announcement for graduating students
May 14 - 18 Spring semester examination period (except graduating students)
May 18 Friday, Spring graduate semester ends (all graduate students)
May 22 Tuesday, Spring semester grades due for all other students by noon
May TBD Awards ceremony (TBD)
May TBD Graduation exercise
May 28 Monday, Memorial Day, Holiday
  Graduate specialty students clinical rotations continue between academic terms with no change in student status.
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