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Community Outreach

ATEI is embarking on a sustainability program that will include outreach to the local community neighborhoods in Bryan/College Station.

Program Objective

The program's objective is to promote sustainability awareness through education and field work to targeted communities. The program plans to explore the depth of present awareness and involvement of those communities and utilize available resources to enhance sustainability.

Field Work

As a start the program plans to choose two small communities such as Bryan and College Station. The agenda will include surveying the communities for sustainability awareness, interest and involvement and using the results of the survey and lessons learned from similar programs to get involved in sustainable programs like recycling, planting trees etc. as is necessary.

Areas of Concentration

  • Research resources and programs already existing in the Brazos county area.
  • Partner with or benchmark such resources.
  • Utilize external resources from governmental and non-governmental entities willing to assist with the program.
  • Involve students from TAMU Africana Studies Program in Field work and research.

Field Work examples: planting of trees, promoting recycling, domestic organic gardening for those involved in gardening, educating the community on energy conservation and organizing discussions on green and sustainability topics.

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