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Applied Technology and Efficiencies Initiative

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Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Applied Technology and Efficiencies Initiative (ATEI) is to promote sustained efficiencies through ideas and vision that have relevant purpose for society. 

ATEI is dedicated to harnessing technologies and expertise to maximize resources to produce tangible outcomes that improve administrative operations. The foundation of ATEI is based on vision, curiosity, and purpose using available resources to find efficiencies and effectiveness that is of measurable value to facilitate the overall mission of education, outreach, and service. Since 2011, the ATEI has implemented the following tools to enhance administrative operations:

  • AiM System and hand-held devices through the Facilities and Construction Office i
  • iForms inspections process through the Environmental Health and Safety Office  ii
  • Security/Safety app for higher education, medicine, construction, and K-12  iii
  • Implementation of the T2 Parking System
  • Implementation of the Kuali Ready through Emergency Management/Business Continuity
  • Implementation of ChemTracker through Laboratory Chemical Safety

ATEI innovations and use of technology have been copied and implemented by other institutions. In the current environment of limited public funding; opportunities to become more efficient is critical to facilitate agendas and missions that serve the citizens of Texas, the United States, and the World iv.

i Recognized Summer 2012 in University Business Magazine as a Model of Efficiency. Won the 2012 AssetWorld Achievement Award as the best use of FMS to increase efficiency and productivity.

ii Recognized Winter 2012 in University Business Magazine as a Model of Efficiency.

iii App in the process of creating one to five start-up companies; received Model of Efficiency Award in 2013.

iv Currently there is an effort to translate the app into more languages.

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