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Academic Program Review

In accordance with the guidelines established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (see TAC Rule 5.52), Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) has established a cycle of review for all academic programs.  TAMHSC has worked to ensure that the cycle of review coincides with the external reviews required by the numerous professional accreditation agencies to which our programs must answer. 

The complete Academic Program Review must consist of three parts:

  • an internal self-study
  • an external review (complete with site visit)
  • an institutional response to the external review 

Professional programs should follow the guidelines established by their respective professional accrediting agencies.  General academic programs must follow the TAMU APR guidelines.


Review Deadline Degree Programs Professional Accrediting Agencies
August 2013 Doctor of Medicine (MD) LCME
August 2014 Bachelor of Science in Nursing CCNE
August 2015 MS in Maxillofacial Surgery CODA
Master of Nursing - Education (MSN) CCNE
August 2016 Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) ACPE
August 2017 PhD in Neuroscience N/A
MS in Dental Public Health CODA
November 2018 MS in Education of Healthcare Professionals N/A
Masters in Health Administration (MHA) CEPH
MPH/MSPH in Biostatistics CEPH
MPH/MSPH in Epidemiology CEPH
MPH/MSPH in Environmental Health CEPH
MPH/MSPH in Health Policy Management CEPH
MPH/MSPH in Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences CEPH
MPH/MSPH in Occupational Safety and Health CEPH
PhD in Health Services Research CEPH
DrPH in Epidemiology and Environmental Health CEPH
DrPH in Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences CEPH
August 2019 PhD in Bio/Medical Sciences N/A
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) CODA
MS in Advanced Education in General Dentistry CODA
MS in Oral Biology CODA
MS in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology CODA
MS in Endodontics CODA
MS in Orthodontics CODA
MS in Pediatric Dentistry CODA
MS in Periodontics CODA
MS in Prosthodontics CODA
BS/MS in Dental Hygiene CODA


All APR documents must be submitted to the HSC Office of Academic Affairs to ensure timely submission to the THECB APR website.  For additional information, please contact Ms. Amanda Allen (; 979-436-9116).

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