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Academic Assessment Committee

The Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) was established by the HSC Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in Fall 2011 for the purpose of providing an opportunity for the standardization of academic assessment processes across the TAMHSC.  In addition to creating a common assessment cycle, the committee serves as a forum for members to discuss best practices for assessment, generate ideas for improvement, and communicate with colleagues from across the TAMHSC.


The AAC brings together representatives from each college in order to discuss the assessment plans for each of the degree programs offered within the TAMHSC.  Representatives are chosen based on their knowledge of the assessment methods required for these programs and their ability to facilitate tracking within the TAMHSC planning software, TracDat.  Additionally, the chair of the AAC serves as the assessment liaison for the TAMU Assessment Liaison Committee.


The AAC goals for the 2013-14 year include:

  • Revision of the HSC assessment cycle
  • Completion of a peer-review of 2012-13 assessment reports through use of a standardized rubric
  • Creation of an assessment "dashboard" to allow for continual formative monitoring of progress
  • Integration of CARE modules into all 2013-14 assessment plans
  • Compilation of results for TAMUS Undergraduate SLOs related to critical thinking and communication
  • Development of an action plan manual


The 2013-15 AAC representatives are:

Member Component Degree Program
Ms. Amanda Allen (Chair) OVPAA PhD in Biomedical Science
Dr. Ann McCann BCD DDS
Dr. Janice DeWald BCD BS in Dental Hygiene
Dr. Lori Graham COM MD
Ms. Danielle Dickey COM MD
Dr. Courtney West COM MS in Education for Healthcare Professionals
Ms. Karla Mendoza COM MS in Education for Healthcare Professionals
Dr. Ann Utterback CON BSN, MSN
Dr. Steve Peterson COP PharmD
Dr. Fadi Alkhateeb COP PharmD
Ms. Phuong Huynh SPH BSPH, MPH, MSPH, MHA, DrPH, PhD in HSR
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