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As one of the most rapidly emerging, innovation-driven health science institutions in the nation, dedicated to improving health and quality of life for people both locally and throughout the world, the Texas A&M University Health Science Center has unparalleled opportunities for excellence in education, research, innovation, technology translation and service. Every new challenge presents an opportunity for Aggies to lead by example, and in health care and medical research, those opportunities are vast. But when science, medicine, policy and academics converge in the context of a comprehensive health science center within a leading public research university, the possibilities are endless. The Texas A&M Health Science Center is defining the future of health care for generations to come, and transforming health by:

Developing Future Health Care Leaders

The Texas A&M Health Science Center strives to train the highest quality, most compassionate health care providers in the nation, who in addition are leaders within their professions — from the clinic, hospital and community to professional societies, state legislatures and federal agencies. We are implementing a unique curriculum focused on critical thinking and scientific reasoning, as well as providing opportunities for joint degrees and certificate programs in diverse disciplines such as public policy, business and engineering. We also maintain strategic affiliations with diverse partners including Dell and GSK, which advance interdisciplinary collaboration to revolutionize health technology, therapeutics, prevention and primary care.

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease

Through innovative initiatives, novel partnerships and community outreach, the Texas A&M Health Science Center is becoming a leader in disease prevention and patient empowerment. The solution to population health and an economically viable health system is preventive care, which we approach in a comprehensive, holistic and culturally competent manner. The results are stunning as we endeavor to scale our pilot regional programs into statewide initiatives. A principal example is Healthy South Texas, in which the Texas A&M Health Science Center is leading more than a dozen partner institutions to dramatically improve the health of 26 counties in South Texas by the year 2025. These efforts will serve as models for health care transformation in the United States.

Defining New Frontiers in Biomedical Science

The Texas A&M Health Science Center uniquely advances basic and translational research by nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation that attracts the highest-quality talent, and welcomes into biomedical research non-traditional disciplines including engineering, environmental science and agriculture. Whether preventing global pandemics or developing novel treatments for cancer, cystic fibrosis or dementia, the Texas A&M Health Science Center is becoming a national leader in biomedical research while cultivating unprecedented training opportunities for students to hone their passion for scientific discovery. We are poised to have a global impact through leading research and development, and novel implementation of team science embedded in a culture of innovation.

Improving Access to Health Care

Ensuring the American health care system provides timely access to safe, effective, affordable and patient-centered care is perhaps the domestic grand challenge of this century. Simultaneously, Texas faces chronic shortages in virtually every health care discipline. In response, the Texas A&M Health Science Center has increased its commitment to train doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and public health professionals. We recognize the power of novel primary care delivery solutions that meet the needs of disparate populations. Through inter-professional team training that leverages communications and information technology, the Texas A&M Health Science Center is helping ensure that patients will have access to the right level of care, at the right time, in the most effective manner possible. 

Ensuring Global Health and Biosecurity 

As a result of today’s global connectivity, an epidemic anywhere poses a risk everywhere. On the frontlines of disease prevention and containment, the Texas A&M Health Science Center is spurring new innovations to address the toughest challenges facing biosecurity and public health preparedness, including pandemic influenza and emerging diseases such as Ebola. As the only academic institution leading a national Center for Innovation to protect Americans against infectious diseases, the Texas A&M Health Science Center is assuring that our state, nation and world are fully prepared to address emerging bio-threats no matter their form.

Last edited by: schnettler 02/21/2018